Stage 4: A brand – Logo

This was the most important step. A logo is vital in differentiating you from your competition. Three of us. Max, Logan and I spent two days brainstorming ideas. We played on photoshop trying to create something simple, memorable and different. I have done graphic design and photography in the past, self taught during college so... Continue Reading →

Stage 3. Construction

When it comes to building your home, hostel, business or anything in general there is always work to be done. We had a lot of work to do in terms of construction. The property is beautiful, unique and a preexisting arts boutique hotel but it is not a hostel so we had to make changes... Continue Reading →

My buiness partner Mari

We haven't posted anything for a while. Mostly because we are to busy and there is not much sleep we get every night. But I think it's time to write a new blog post about someone who changed my life and even made me a better person. I'm talking about Maricet Hawkey. "How funny is it... Continue Reading →

Stage 1: Selecting a property

Here we are now, sitting in a cafe called Bio Lab opposite our hostel. We have begun working on the website and logo. I look to my left and I can see people doing some construction on the property. It is a weird feeling knowing that it is our hostel they are working on. Our... Continue Reading →

Meet Maricet

My name is Maricet, I am 25 from Brighton in England. Born in El Salvador. I met Max in Phnom Penh 2 and a half months ago. We are currently working together preparing to open a hostel in Siem Reap. I have asked myself many times how we got here. Travel life is a different... Continue Reading →

Meet Max

My name is Maximilian. I´m 22 years old grown up in a small town in Germany. This is my story of how I ended up in Cambodia to open up a Hostel.

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