Meet Max

Dear beloved friends, family and crazy travel buddy’s,

the biggest adventure of my life is about to happening and I want to share this journey with you.

If someone would have told me three and a half years ago that I’m about to open up the coolest Hostel in Cambodia I would have laughed and walked away.

Now, three and a half years later I’m in Siem Reap and have finalized a property. The dream of opening up my own Hostel is coming true.

Everything started when I was 19 years old, just after finishing school. I had no idea what I wanted to do so I decided to go to Australia “to find myself”.

I planned to stay there for six months to a year and then come back home with a plan.

In the end I stayed in Australia for 2 years, 15 months in Sydney, 2 months in a banana farm in Innisfail near Cairns, another month in an outback motel woofing for my second year visa and the rest of the time I was traveling and I can honestly say I had the craziest time of my life!

After Australia I went to Singapore and Thailand with 5 friends. I would love to tell you the stories of what happened there, but what happens in Thailand, stays in Thailand 😉

Then I spend another month in Cambodia with a friend before I went back home. After I sorted my apprenticeship out I booked a flight to Bali to use the months I had left to see some parts of the world which I was missing. After Bali I went to India and New York for 4 weeks. In India I met a guy who owned a hostel and was about to open up a second one with a friend of his. This impressed me. In New York I was with one of my best mates and it was a blast. There are way more stories to share but I think it’s better to keep them out of here and share them when we having a beer together.

I went to all these countries but what is even more imported is the people I met there and they made my time so memorable!

Everybody I met left an impression on me and led me here. Some small decision changed my whole life. We would play a game of rock, paper, and scissor to decide which hostel we would stay in during our time in Sydney. That was the start of what is happening now.

I went back home to start my apprenticeship and thought it’s time to settle down, start a serious life, the life I wanted when I was a young boy.

After eight months I realize I had changed, I really enjoyed my job and had a lot of good friends in this company but there was something missing, something which I discovered traveling.

A travellers life is different from the life you have back home. There are no restrictions, you live the life you want and every day is different. Plans doesn´t excist because you constantly meet new people and tend to go with the flow.

What I discovered was that there are no limits in life what u can do or can´t do, you are in control of your limits and you decide what you will and won’t do.

I said to myself it’s “now or never”, do what you really want to do in your life and do everything to make it work!

So I called up my Indian friend who has 2 hostels in India to see what he was up to – the next day I quit my Job and booked a flight to Cambodia as we decided to go over there to open up a hostel together.

I was alone in Cambodia for 20 days before my Indian friend joined me. On my second night, the 4th of May I met a girl from the Brighton, UK, Maricet.

We chatted a bit and I told her about my plan to set up a hostel in Cambodia, she had the same plan but wanted to do it in Hanoi, we decided to stay in contact and share our journeys updating each other on the progress of our plans.

A week later we met again and caught up in Sihanoukville and after talking for 5 hours we decided to set something up together. My Indian friend arrived and after two days with him in Cambodia we went to Vietnam to check out Ho Chi Ming and Hanoi. We had a great time traveling there even though I was ill with a lung infection. After looking into the laws in Vietnam, we decided to go back to Cambodia to operate there.

We rented an apartment in Siem Reap and started to look for properties but after a while I realized that we are good friends and had a lot of fun together but it was not working out for us as business partners. I decided to do it on my own.

Maricet and I were still in contact, she always planned to come out and work with me in one way or another. So here we are, 2 and half months after our first meeting to set up this hostel together

Every path we chose in our lives led us to this point, the good and the bad ones, and now we are here, trying to make our dream become reality – so let’s get fucking started!

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  1. One of THE Best people I had the opportunity to work alongside when Max was a Backpacker in Australia. A great person who as a 21 yr old worked like a 40yr old! This Man alone will make sure you have a most memorable experience. I wish you the good fortune you have worked so hard to achieve, Max👍👍


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