Stage 2. The name – White Rabbit Hostel, Siem Reap

If you vibe you vibe! – Max is laughing but we say this all the time.

The property we chose has an existing theme, it was an art boutique hotel. I had not yet seen the property first hand but Max had sent me a lot of videos and pictures of the property. My first thought was that it looked like wonderland, with lots of little quirky furniture.

I studied events management so one of the first thing I thought was ‘what type of events can I host here?’. A mad hatters party. I then thought about the secret garden too, originally the property had a lot of plants and trees.

I like art, quirky odd art and things which don’t make sense. This property seemed perfect. Max was on the same wave length. We had a shared note discussing idea. We went back and forth with a number of names. I posted on a Facebook travel page to gain more ideas. In total we had over 100 names, we short listed to 5 names.  We needed to ensure we were making the right choice, for us, for this property and for a business brand.

Before we begun looking at other options I was pretty sure on the name. We had a gut feeling as soon as we discussed it. All the connotations of the name fitted our state of mind, way of life and theme.

We are so grateful to everyone who chipped in and made suggestions as without those suggestions we would not have been so sure of our idea. So many brilliant options were suggested.

Below are some print screens.


When Max registered the name we were advised to use Hostel, Siem Reap after White Rabbit in case we want to open up a second one it would well as a brand.

Welcome to White Rabbit Hostel, Siem Reap.


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