My buiness partner Mari

We haven’t posted anything for a while. Mostly because we are to busy and there is not much sleep we get every night.

But I think it’s time to write a new blog post about someone who changed my life and even made me a better person.

I’m talking about Maricet Hawkey. “How funny is it that we met 5 months ago and now we have a Hostel together and are best friends?”
This is one of the question which often ponders our minds when we are sitting at Temple Skybar (our favorite chilled out spot) – most of the time we just had a fight or some problems before and we just sorted it out by ordering Salmon and a stupidly big cocktail to share.

We say this and we are laughing.

I still can’t believe that I met this person just 5 months ago randomly in a Hostel in Phnom Phen, on my second night in Cambodia. The past few weeks have been hard for us business wise and a test for our friendship too but we always know we can’t be angry at each for longer than a couple of hours. So it’s never too bad.
A lot of decision had to be made in business and our private life, people tried to get involved into it and we started to question our self if this friendship if it is normal or if we just living in our bubble. This friendship is definitely not normal!

We share a room together, most of the time a bed and what’s most important – our lives.
“I can’t go back to yesterday because I was a different person then.” – Cheshire Cat
The last months have been taft, I grew up and always on my side there has been Maricet, either in Person or when I called her at 5am after a night out and told her what happened during the day.

I changed a lot during this time, my mindset and plans in life are different than before.

All decisions I made, the good and the bad ones led me to this exactly point right now and I’m happy to call Maricet my best friend and business partner!

To the last 5 months and many more 🎉

She wrote one about me too – Sherlock Holmes and Watson

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