Stage 3. Construction

When it comes to building your home, hostel, business or anything in general there is always work to be done.

We had a lot of work to do in terms of construction. The property is beautiful, unique and a preexisting arts boutique hotel but it is not a hostel so we had to make changes to create out vision.

The beds:

We designed these ourselves. Max and I have both traveled for a very long period of time moving from hostel to hostel all over the world. We created what we thought of as a simple, unique and comfortable base. We do admit we made a few errors in our prototypes but we were able to amend this on our final product. Changed were made during construction but when they were finished out perfect bed was created. Below are pictures of our original designs. The mattresses are memory foam, yes to begin with they are hard but it is a new hostel so it is expected. We have made some errors. We aimed to be a 5* hostel however the sheets we originally had were not good enough, out bedding was not perfect but we learned by trial and error. We adapted and improved.


The pool:

We were so lucky, the pool that was here was already beautiful but we wanted to make changes, only a few so we knocked down a few walls and thought about ideas on expanding, building a stage and at one point even a pool bar, however we did not implement all our ideas. We made small changes. The below shows your progress.


The hostel was shaded, we knew that this was popular for that reason however a lot of travelers want to get a sun tan, especially young backpackers. A friend of ours, Dan, made the suggestion of knocking down some of the roof. We id and his worked out perfectly as we were able to have two section, shaded and sunny. We can never please everyone but we can try.


This use to be a hotel, there were no dorm rooms so we measures, designed room layouts, re-designed some of the decor. Knocked down walls. Again, we made some errors with our measurements but in the end we succeeded in turning a 15 bedded hotel into a 101 bedded spacious hostel.


We kept most of the room names, changed a few and amended a few to our themes and decor.


We are both very creative, we both have visions, dreams and ideas. We took what we already had ad developed it, expended the art. We had visitors draw for us. One room is completely white, this room is for anyone to stays with us to leave their mark. To draw and create.

Alice In Wonderland:

It is easy, it is easy to escape reality. Throughout our construction process we did not need to worry, we did not need to think too much because our theme was to escape from the norm. Anything we did, even if it was not perfect, it was art. When you come here you enter the rabbit hole. For a short period of time you let yourself become ignorant to the outside world and forget. Everywhere you look there is something new, something unique, seething special. This is who we are. This is what we created. This is our home and we welcome you to visit.


This was mostly Max. He was in charge of the menu. We looked at it together but at the end of the day he made the decision after we evaluated  which of our dishes were in high demand. Max loves food so this was his forte.

Overall…..we did a lot more than this but at least you have an idea of the changed we made. To Really know you will have to either come and check this place out so we can show you or build one for yourself 🙂

Anyway out next post will be up soon, we will talk about many things, business, operations, Food and Beverage, advertising, branding and then customers.

We are constantly learning, by trial and error and by luck. Keep tuned in to learn more.


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