Stage 4: A brand – Logo

This was the most important step. A logo is vital in differentiating you from your competition.

Three of us. Max, Logan and I spent two days brainstorming ideas. We played on photoshop trying to create something simple, memorable and different.

I have done graphic design and photography in the past, self taught during college so had a basic idea on how to create concepts.

We wanted something simple so modified an existing image of a rabbit head and added/removed strokes on Photoshop to create our finished product. We thought about a drop cap but couldn’t make it work, remember, our name is not just Alice in Wonderland so we had to be careful. We settled on Butler text, a suggestion from my brother.

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We did send it too to a graphic designer so he could modify it and send us back more concept ideas, in the end we stuck with what we had originally created. See below;


I was not happy with this, something was missing. It did not represent the brand we had in mind, it did not make us any different. Our message was not clear.

I love urban art. My idea was to go down the lines of graffiti so I wanted to change the entire logo however I liked the stencil of what we already had so played with some coloured background and ended up settling for the below. Max was in full support of this decision, we played around with effects and tidied a little.


Creating our logo was like naming our child, giving our business an identity. I will never be 100% satisfied, always thinking of new ways to develop the image however our logo tells you everything you need to know about White Rabbit. We are young, creative, artistic, different and determined.

We sell t-shirts, bags and re-fillable bottles. Our brand has widened and people seem to want to buy what we sell. We don’t only sell hospitality, we also sell an idea, a dream.

Keep tabs on us to hear more about opening a business in Cambodia. Follow the White Rabbit.



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