One traveller one dream

This is the last post published on this blog.

Anfangen ist leicht, Beharren eine Kunst. Man muss die Dinge nehmen, wie sie kommen.

My name is Maricet Hawkey. I am the co-owner and co-creator of S.R White Rabbit.

I chose to exit the business and leave it to be run 100% by my partner Maximilian.

I left at the end of January 2018. I stopped working on everything 15/02/2018. Max has been the sole manager ever since. I am still co-owner for now but hope to pass it on by July 2019.

The stories we told in these blogs were real. The initial aim and implementation was true. In the end we wanted different things from the business, our personal life and in the future.

We begun the business with an initial investment which was given to Max. My input was the creation, story and start-up. We were also supposed to get an investment on my behalf too but our turbulent partnership made it difficult for my side to believe in our project. The plan was to make enough to pay back the investment and generate our own capital to open something bigger and better.

The plan worked. The hostel has done well. Max is doing it his way and he is happy. Please note I did not take anything with me. All the money made, the branding, name and my work was for the Hostel so it stayed with the Hostel.

I chose to leave it all to Max so he could be happy and live the life he always wanted. After all the investment came from him. We were two tornados who were destined to collide and crash. That is what happened and in the end it was better for us both for one of us to leave.

I cannot make further comments as I have not been there for a few months now.

Max’s vision and story is a bit different now. I hope he shares it with us one day.

I will leave as one traveller one dream.

White Rabbit exists, people will come and go but for as long as it stands it will always be our creation as the two travellers who met in Phnom Penh with the same dream, the two traveller who met again in Otres and Sihanoukville and begun our joint notes and blogs. The two travellers who became one.

The beauty of what we built was that it was raw, it was real and it was personal. We had a combined dream, our personalities and lives are all over those walls. That is what made us different, that is why we succeeded, against all odds. We did it our way and it worked. Some thought we were “unprofessional” and too young, especially when we fought but what you saw was real. We are human, just like you so if we could do it, so can you ❤

I cannot predict the future, I do not know wha will happen next but know that Max will do what he believes is right for the business and he will succeed in his dreams. I wish him the best.

No matter where I go, my original business partner Max will be a part of my dream, for what it’s worth, he was my best friend at one time and we both learned a great deal from the start-up.

Maricet and White Rabbit is over 🙂 It remains part of my legacy. Prototype one completed.

Goodbye and good luck to the team. My vision and story will come with me, after all I was Alice, Max was the Mad Matter and our baby was the White Rabbit.

I am a blogger and in my personal work I always add a song to express myself. This song is the most fitting.

❤ Follow the White Rabbit and book directly here

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